Microplex LogiJet TC8. CAB. Etiquetas color. Impresora Térmica color. GHS. Software Etiquetado. SAP. ERP. Sistema de Gestión de Almacenes. IDS-bcn. Barcelona. Madrid.

Emulations or printer languages of other manufacturers ensure that Microplex printers can reproduce from the same datastream the original requirement without expensive re-writes.

An advantage of the Microplex controller is that these printer languages can also be used across different print technologies i.e. PCL5c can be printed on a Microplex LogiJET TC8 printer as if it were a laser printer.

Driven by requests from the market, the Microplex development team have now developed the CAB emulation. This allows a Microplex LogiJET TC8 printer to utilise the CAB printer language so that for example a two colour GHS standard label can now be printed in an eight inch format.

The CAB emulation is available as an option to the standard emulations already available for the Microplex LogiJET TC8 (IDOL, PCL5c, ZPLll, Datamax, Epson FX80, etc)