Labels and Consumables

We have a wide range of consumables for all types of technologies: Ribbons, Toner, Plastic cards, labels for conventional bar codes, smart labels, RFID tags.

We do a study of the most adequate supplies for each need, presenting samples that you can evaluate to guarantee your investment.

Software Solutions

Solutions to improve traceability. Independent applications or integration with any system; from Warehouse Management Systems that integrate with your ERP, to standard software packages for labeling. Everything, taking full advantage of its current infrastructure and equipment.

An analyst will study your case and help you optimize your processes. Fast return on investment with a budget accessible to organizations of all sizes.


Tags RFID, NFC and self-adhesive labels. Custom reading / writing systems that fit your needs. Our solutions include hardware RFID systems (readers, labels, antennas) and installation and maintenance services.

Print & Apply

New generation of innovative labeling machines, ergonomically designed for labeling with coils. Modular and independent, fully adaptable to the shape of the product allowing easy integration into any workflow.

Different configurations for any positioning of the label.
High reliability with minimal maintenance at a really competitive price.

Cost per Page

Study of costs that will make your company reduce costs on laser printing, paying only for each page that is printed. First print and then pay.

A consultant will help you identify the hidden costs of your printer fleet for lack of planning and mismanagement, and optimize costs by conducting a preliminary study for both office environments and graphic arts.

Technical Service

The most important for us is to keep your equipment running, because we know your production depends on it. Free call service for all our customers. Maintenance contracts at a fixed price with response time in 8h working days, for greater reliability. Repairs in workshop and on-site.

We are also specialists in the integration of equipment in business environments and in the replacement of old equipment, offering proven solutions before making any type of investment, viable and tailored to your needs.

Many lasting relationships with our clients started at this point, just call us and try us!


IDS-bcn has the full range of products, spare parts, supplies and services to fully meet the needs of customers and business partners who came using Matrix InfoPrint printers, line matrix, laser and thermal. We offer a complete line of printers, consumables and maintenance contracts to the entire network of existing InfoPrint users, guaranteeing uninterrupted attention.

Ricoh Production Print Solutions LLC (RPPS) formerly known as InfoPrint Solutions Company stopped accepting new orders for printers and accessories on December 30, 2011. Although InfoPrint ended the sale of its industrial printers, IDS-bcn will continue to offer seamless support to InfoPrint customers and channel partners through our wide range of products.


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